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Don't Waste Your Money! Not The Only Seat You'll Need!

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Tanya Pecora By Tanya Pecora on
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I purchased one of these for DD and wound up returning it. It was huge and took up way to much space rear facing. Since then I have done tons of reasearch on all the carseats that are available today. It is my belief that these carseats are mismarketed as "the only seat you'll ever need" In 98% of the cases I've seen, you will need to purchase another seat.

Type of seat 3-in-1

Rear Facing 5-30lbs

Forward Facing to 40lbs

High Back Booster to 100lbs


• Relatively easy to install forward facing with or without the base.

• well padded

• 30lb Rear-Facing weight Limit CONS:

• Closed belt paths make this a poor booster as the seat belt can catch and cause slack which can result in injury or death.

• Takes up a lot of space in the vehicle. When installed Rear Facing, the front passenger seat may be unusable as the Alpha Omega cannot touch the seatback in front.

• Low harness height and weight limits for forward facing means most kids will outgrow before they are ready to move into a booster.

• Top harness slot is only for booster mode it cannot be used with the harness. The top slot is not reinforced and cannot withstand the force of even a minor collision. The result of improper use could be fatal.

• Short shell of this seat means most kids will outgrow this seat in booster mode before they are tall enough to sit without a booster. You almost certainly need a taller booster seat. BTW it is oungrown when the top of the childs ears are even with the top of the seat.

• Base must be removed in booster mode. Most parents I spoke with did not know this as it wasn't clear in the manual. I only found out when I called the support number for a different issue. A friend had been using it in booster mode with the base for years. VERDICT:

Almost certainly NOT the "only seat you'll ever need". Don't waste your money! For what you'll spend, there are many, many better options out there. I personally do not recommend these seats (or any 3-in-1, for that matter) to anyone.