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Donvier Ice Cream Maker

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This Donvier Ice Cream Maker is a fun, quality made, machine. You do not need rock salt. You don't even need electricity or ice. All you need are the ingredients to make your ice cream and some preparation ahead of time and you are all set.

This machine is nice to look at. It comes with the white plastic outside cannister, a clear plastic lid, a turn handle, a top knob, a plastic blade, and a metal inside cannister filled with non-toxic liquid.

You remove the metal cannister and place it in your freezer for at least 8 hours or overnight. You take it out of the freezer when ready and put the metal cannister inside the plastic cannister. You put the blade in, pour your ice cream mixture inside the metal cannister, pop the lid on, and the crank. Next you hand crank your mixture into perfect ice cream according to the directions.

When we first got this ice cream machine, we made lots of great tasting ice cream. We were surprised at the smooth rich consistency, but most of all, we knew our ice cream tasted so delicious because we were using fresh, pure, ingredients.

Then, since the recipes we were following did not call for the ingredients to be cooked ahead of time, we were a bit paranoid about eating these great tasting ice creams that contained raw eggs. We decided to make a few cooked mixtures to be on the safe side. That did not work out, though, because we detected a slight eggy smell and taste to our finished ice cream that we did not like at all.

We do not like prepared mixes, we like things from scratch, so buying any premade mixes was not considered. In the end, we decided the only thing left to do was to use this machine to make sorbet and Italian ice. So for that, this ice cream machine is awesome! It is a great design and easy to use. If you keep the metal tub in your freezer all the time, you will always be able to make ice cream whenever you want!