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Doraemon The Famicom Game

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Doraemon is the Japanese anime which features a robot cat named Doraemon, who comes from the future and travels back in time to help Nobi Nobita succeed in life. The actual owner of Doraemon is Sewashi, Nobita's great great grandson. Due to Nobita's failures, they are forced to live in poverty so Doraemon is sent out to prevent this. Doraemon is equipped with a fourth dimensional pocket which can produce gadgets from the future. These gadgets are supposed to help out Nobita, but gets misused by Nobita, Gian or Suneo.

Now, helping out Nobita is no easy task. Nobita is not exactly the dilligent, hardworking and technologically minded Japanese you usually meet. He is wimpy, lazy and is not smart at all. Despite this daunting task, Doraemon is determined to help Nobita at all costs and ends up as Nobita's best friend. Despite the anime being simplistic and not as virtually pleasing as Dragonball or Gundam, Doraemon has won numerous awards and accolades because it not only featured Japanese culture, but also taught moral lessons as well.

A video game was produced by Hudson Soft in 1986 and featured three stages. The first stage was a maze where you had to figure out a way out of it. The second one was a shooter where Doraemon flies using a bamboo copter and battles through a stage that looks like ancient Egypt. The final stage is an underwater stage where you had to rescue the gang from the perils of the deep. This includes a giant octopus which is a tough battle. The consolation is that Dorami, Doraemon's sister is there to help out.

The game is pretty solid and challenging. Don't let the three stages fool you. This game is tough since Doramon can only take a few hits before he loses a life. Also, you have to be precise in your movements as enemies come from different angles. The gameplay if fairly simple as you simply shoot, jump and avoid enemies. The graphics are very much dated as this is an 8-bit game. The music is quite nice and upbeat but turns serious once you face stage bosses. Overall, this is a fun game. The best part is seeing Doraemon's gadgets in action such as his bamboo copter, anywhere door and time machine.