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Dorling Kindersly Civil War Book

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Sharon Lai By Sharon Lai on
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I'm definitely a visual person who loves pictures and diagrams. After I decided to research about the Civil War, I purchased this book for 15 dollars at Barnes and Nobles.

I was immediately impressed. The book offers simple and yet informative diagrams that gave me a view of what life was really like back then in the Civil War. The book showed me the several different kinds of various rifles, the different kinds of cannons and cannonballs, and the different militias and flags and costume.

The book gave photos that showed you how cruel prisoners of war (POW) were treated from both sides, as well as the fierce determination that the men had to defeat the other side. It showed you the good points as well as the bad points that the North and the South had. This helped me learn about it much better.

My favorite part about the whole book were the picture captions. They showed you each detail about the picture or map, and gave extra trivia about the subject as well, which is extremely impressive. The layout is pleasing to the eye and each page is chock-full of information to soak into.

Overall, I believe that this book is a great tool to learn about the history of the Civil War. I definitely recommend to anyone, researcher or not, as a book to read.