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Dot S Builds On Retro Memories

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Chris Vervoort By Chris Vervoort on
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Dot-S toys are quite interesting. If you like building things and later admiring your work you will probably like Dot-S. Especially if you have ever sprited, or played old classic video games. Dot-S are little boards that you place pixel-like pieces into. The different sets you can buy at the stores are just more boards and new colored pixels, always specifically made for one specific retro video game colors. I have only one set, Super Mario Bros. It has red, brown, and yellow pixels. They have 'Sample Recipes' you can make old video game characters and put em' on display. Or you can make anything you want with the colors provided.

The play value of Dot-S toys is slightly less than other building toys. You pretty much have a lot of fun building it once, then there is little replay value and you just put it on display. The replay value would be higher if you for some reason wanted to take apart your board. I want to test the other recipes provided on my Mario set! Guess what, it only came with two boards. I made Mario and Spiny in classic SMB graphics. I don't want to take those apart! They took a half hour to make each! It was fun, but I wouldn't want to do it again. I want more boards to test the other sprites on. That means going shopping. And they are slightly overpriced in my opinion. $20 for something I love too dear to have more fun with? It's worth it still really. I do plan on buying more someday.

They are not available everywhere though... I have only ever seen them on their site: www.dot-s.net and at the Newbury Comics store near me. And Newbury Comics are a chain, though not as popular as Walmart or Toys R Us or something.

These toys are nostalgic. They remind me of playing old NES games. Of course the NES era was just ending as I was born, it more reminds of playing old NES games on the computer through ROMS and whatnot. Don't tell anyone. Actually my first video game I ever really got into was Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the Gameboy Color. These toys remind me of the simpler days back when I played that as a little kid. They sure do know how bring back memories.

Dot-S toys are really really fun. Sure they are hard to find and you never want to take it apart, but doesn't that just add to the challenge or something? Recommended/10.