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Double Jogging Stroller

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By verjavec on
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My kids love riding in a stroller. When my first jogger got a flat tire, instead of buying cheap off Craigslist again, I decided to look and see if they had anything new out there that wasn't as expensive as the BOB stroller. I found the perfect stroller at One Step Ahead. I knew I wanted a front tire that swivelled, cupholders, a sun shade for the kids and underneath storage that was easy to access. This stroller had all of that and MORE!

I placed the order right away and when my husband saw the email, I informed him that was what he was getting me for my birthday. Luckily, he didn't care that my birthday was still a month away, and he always appreciates not having to figure out what to get for me.

It arrived a week later. I had to assemble it, but it wasn't difficult. Just a few screws for the foot rest, a few more for the cupholder and then snap on the three tires. Since all three are quick release, that went really fast. I did have a snag though - my box had no screws in it. A quick call to One Step Ahead and the screws were on my doorstep the very next day!

I got it assembled and as I was flipping it right side up, my 2.5 yr old was climbing in. She sat in it all evening, so I guess she liked it. I was having fun checking everything out. The front tire not only swivelled, but could be locked in place in case you didn't want it to. There was easy access storage under both seats as well as a zipper pocket on the back of both seats that extended down the entire length of them. There were 2 cupholders that would easily fit baby bottles, sippy cups, small water bottles or cans in addition to a large snap close storage area that easily holds my 1 liter Nalgene bottle, or my GPS, or enough snacks for a 10 mile hike. The sun shade has a window in it to allow you to determine which of the kids is screaming and why or to watch their antics when they are giggling. Both seats recline individually, so if your kids are unlike mine and actually fall asleep in the stroller, you can lay them back for comfort - this would have worked great before my 10 mo old could sit up! They even included a rain cover AND a tire pump! Thankfully, I haven't needed either of those (other than the initial pump as the tires were shipped sans air).

The next day, we took it for a test drive. The dogs needed some exercise so they were in the cargo area of my Highlander. I was able to quickly remove the tires thanks to the quick release feature and fold this stroller flat enough to fit behind the front seat between that and the rear facing car seat that my 10 mo old was in. It is fairly wide, so it took up half of the back seat, but I was impressed with how flat it could get. Setting it up, getting the tires back on and getting the kids in took less than 2 minutes. It is very easy to do! There is a 5 pt harness for both seats, so the kids are nice and secure.

Then we were off! It rode very smoothly as long as I wasn't taking detours to drive over rocks. The kids love that - the oldest likes to call mommy a crazy driver. Even going over rocks and tree roots, it handled great! If you are on steeper hills, there is a strap to attach it to yourself so if you should happen to fall, it won't run away with your kids.

We all enjoyed our walk! Since then, I have used that stroller almost daily - they will even sit nicely in it in the front yard to watch me do yard work.