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Douglas Coupland's Cool Comeback; Generation A

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Albert Agar By Albert Agar on
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Douglas Coupland coined the term generation X with his first book of the same name. His last few books have wandered more than a kid with ADD in a candy shop! His last book, The Gum Thief, written as a story in a story in a story which left me as the reader lost and only half interested in the characters. I could never get close enough to one person before he switched books. Others hae said the this A generation book is even better than gen but I find that a stretch. Coupland stays close to his tech-geek sci-fi sexually addictive substance abusing crowd.

The primary premise deals with the almost extinction of bees which is threatening to change food and drink production the world. Fruits that need bees become the things of expensive eBay auctions and underground markets. Five young people are thrust together due to being stung by one of the last bees. Since dandelions self germinate dandelion wine becomes the groups drink of choice.Coupland has no problem intimately describing each characters pre-bee lifestyles and/or careers which makes us feel as if we have followed them four months on a reality tv show. The end of the book was filled with too many "huh?" and "oh I see" moments for me but I didn't regret spending one minute reading Doug's triumphant return to cultural pundincy!