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Dove Calming Night Soap Aaahhhh

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I love the Dove products, first because I've used the good old White 99.99% pure bars since I was a teenager. I also like and respect the Company and the many things they have done to bring self-esteem to girls, teens and women the world over through their Self-Esteem Fund.

The Calming Night Dove bar is different from the normal beauty bars Dove offers in that it has a little more intense scent than Dove is known for. I purchased it at the time because my Fibromyalgia was off the charts and I was looking for something that might actually restore my sense of well-being. When I first sniffed the scent of this bar (yes, I sniff bar soap packages before purchasing...I look odd but at least when I bathe with them, I don't stink of something wretched...at least I don't think so ;)) I first waited for the start of a headache, my first indication that I'd have to pass it up. When that didn't happen, I knew that I'd enjoy using it.

The Calming Night Dove bar's scent although strong as a bar, mellows out as you use it on your body, leaving you feeling fresh, clean, moisturized and with skin that holds just the right hint of the bars scent. The bar itself didn't really last nearly as long as many of Dove's other soap bars however. It dwindled down to a little bit of blue 'glob' fairly quickly even though the bars are large and after about 2 weeks, there was very little left. Perhaps it didn't help that my daughters loved it for their evening showers too, though. I recall having to 'fetch' my bar from their bathrooms on a few occasions.

If you are looking for lots of creamy lather, another trait Dove is known for, this bar's lather isn't extensive, but like all the other bars Dove makes, it rinsed away clean leaving a soft, moisturized feeling behind.

At 2.99 for 4 bars, it was a great deal and I'll definitely continue to purchase it. I've seen this product in Wal-Mart, Shopper's Drug Mart and other stores in my area.