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Dove Dark Cherry Swirls Love In A Chocolate Heart

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Dove Dark Cherry Swirl bag

Dove dark chocolate is my favorite among the readily available packages of small wrapped treats. Around Valentine’s Day, Dove adds swirls of cherry for a red accent and sweet taste.

The candies are each fashioned in the shape of a heart and wrapped in foil. Packages contain a mixture of wrappings of red and silver foil with tiny hearts printed all over them. They are imprinted with “cherry swirl.” The cherry swirl also comes in milk chocolate, which I haven’t tried, so I’m not sure how you could distinguish dark from light chocolates if they were mixed in a bowl. Perhaps the milk chocolate wrappers are different colors. Since I’m not crazy about milk chocolate I probably won’t buy a package just to find out!

You can definitely taste the cherry. It’s a sweet flavor, like that of maraschino cherries, and it lingers in the aftertaste as well as the chocolate. As always, the Dove chocolate is so smooth it’s hard to believe that it can be purchased at non-gourmet prices. These cost a bit more than some bite-sized chocolates, but not much.

Each wrapper has a holiday sentiment printed inside, such as “Exercise your heart today, ” or “Get swept away by love.”

Since I really like the taste and texture of Dove, I seem to buy a package of whatever they put in those big bins to entice us for each holiday. So far, I’ve checked out the plain Dove Rich Dark Chocolate and the Dove Rich Dark Chocolates with Almonds. Compared with those, I’d say that I don’t like these Dove Dark Cherry Swirls quite so much as the plain chocolates, but they’re not far behind.

I find the plain dark chocolate to be quite satisfying, and I can usually discipline myself to eat just a couple of pieces a day. With the sweeter cherry swirl, it’s harder to stop after two. Extra sugar just seems to drive me to eat more sugar.

Although the original Dovebar chocolates were developed by a Greek-American immigrant confectioner, the company was acquired in 1986 by M&M/Mars Chocolate. The unique formula for the silky-smooth chocolate, however, has been continued.

A serving is listed as five pieces of candy. I prefer to understand the nutrition values per piece. Those calculate out to 40 calories each. Each heart has 3 g of fat and 5 g of sugar. There are about 30 hearts in a 7.94 oz package. At $3.82 that’s about $0.13 each- pretty reasonable for a little chocolate kick. Each piece is bite-sized, about 1.5 inch maximum diameter and 1/4 inch thick.

Like all the other Dove Promises (the individually wrapped ones with the sayings printed on the wrapper), these are wrapped in foil that is recyclable.

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