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Dove Deep Moisture Beauty Body Wash

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melodysong By melodysong on
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I've always liked products by dove because they usually work well, not saying that this doesn't but it is lacking in a few things. Dove Deep Moisture Beauty Body Wash( Yes it is a long title) is just like any other normal body wash. It serves its purpose to clean your skin, moisturize and make you feel fresh. I had problems with it's cleaning abilities which may lie in its choice of ingredients. It really doesn't get me fully clean. After I wash down twice I will still have to rub off dirt and dry skin. It even took awhile to clean off black marker. Regular hand soap cleans off black marker faster and better than this. If it can't get off a simple maker stain then how is it removing excess oil, dead skin, etc from my body? It's more like the soap just covers over it but not penetrate it to remove it. Yes it lathers up quickly. A little drop goes a loooong way. Seriously. I'll have so much soap on me and all over the place just from a pea-size amount. That's good but it doesn't make up for not cleaning well. It lacks in actually mosturizing my skin as it claims to do right on the bottle. In the shower my skin feels moist and smooth but as soon as I'm out my skin is flaking and dry. I'm starting to believe that it was the water moisturizing my skin thus why it was in good condition while I was in it. After I'm out I have to get another moisturizer to get the job done. Why am I paying basically $4 for something that doesn't work? The type of dove that I'm using has no fragrance because sometimes I prefer no smell and just want something that gets me clean and moisturizes my skin. I'm happy about how it lathers and has no scent but I'm disappointed by it not cleaning very well and not moisturizing.