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Dove Deoderant Clinical Strength Anti Perspirant

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By testes on
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Are you one of those girls who sweat so much that it seems like you just came right out of the pool? I'm definitely one of then. One in every three women sweat more than the average female. So, our solution? Deoderant. Except deoderant is just something to make your sweat smell "nice", instead of bad. A deoderant doesn't help you from sweating. Dove Clinical Strength Anti-perspirant is a lotion that soaks into your skin that literally stops you from sweating. The smell of it is very blissful, better than any other deoderant I have ever smelled. I was used to sweating so much and just piling on that deoderant hoping it would do some good. It didn't. I still had those awful "armpit-sweat" stains on my shirt. After I saw a commercial for the anti perspirant, and bought it, I thought I was in heaven. I barely raise my arms and all I smelled was heavenly bliss. Not to mention, I don't sweat for 24 hours. I put it on every morning after I get out of the shower, and when I wake up, raising my arms to stretch, I smell the flowery aroma and notice that there is no sweat on my body. A lot of women get botox in their underarms, or other places where they sweat more than usual. But who wants to pay for that? The Dove Anti-Perspirant costs only 9-10$ and can last a really long time. Don't think you're alone if you think you sweat more than usual, because you're far from alone. I gaurantee if you buy the Dove Anti-Perspirant, you won't regret it.