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Dove Foaming Cleanser

Reviewing: Dove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser (Cool Cucumber And Green Tea)  |  Rating:
itzmissce By itzmissce on
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Overall, Dove's Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser does not stand out in the world of facial cleansers. In fact, compared to popular cleansers like Neutrogena, it slightly lacked in overall quality. I decided to get the cleanser due to my rather dry skin in hope that my winter-flaking days would be over. Well, thanks to the cleanser, I didn't have flakes anymore, but instead, my skin actually looked a little on the oily side, so for those with normal to oily skin, I would NOT recommend this product to you. When I first used this cleanser, I couldn't help but feel somewhat paranoid using it due to the fact that I had to apply the cleanser on my skin using my hand. It would have been nice if the cleanser came with a pad. Eventually, I had to buy myself some pads so I would feel less paranoid. Using the cleanser was rather simple, and after using the cleanser, I did feel that "tingle" you get from certain face cleansers that make you feel cleaner. I could instantly see my face look "refreshed" plus my skin did feel softer, at first. Strangely about 10 minutes later, that softness fades away. Fortunately though, the somewhat oily look my face has starts to fade away too... at a slower pace. The clean look does stay though throughout the day, and after several applications, that soft feel actually stays a little longer as well. I've only used this cleanser to remove makeup once, and it left me with a somewhat burning feeling, although that could be because I'm not a normal makeup-wearing person. The scent of the product was light and refreshing, but I certainly only smelled the cucumber part, which isn't really a problem for me. Overall, if you have a severe... SEVERE dry skin problem, or you have somewhat dry skin and don't mind waiting a few hours for the oily look to fade away, then this product will definitely help your skin. If not, I would highly advise you to try something else.