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Dp Body Tone 300 Multi Gym: Much More Than Just A Rower

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I saw the DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym at a garage sale this morning and I immediately recognized it as being a rowing machine in very good condition. The $20 asking price was a steal for a high quality, steel-frame rowing machine, so I didn't even hesitate to pick it up. Boy, did I ever get a lot more than I bargained for with the DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym, and I wouldn't recommend buying anything else if you really want to get your money's worth out of your home exercise equipment. Unfortunately, they just don't make rowing machines like this one anymore.

Diversified Products Corporation, at one time the biggest manufacturer of exercise equipment in the world, closed its doors in 1998. The DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym is no longer being made or sold through retail stores. This can present a problem in getting replacement parts, so if you find a secondhand DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym, be sure it's still in very good working condition before you buy it.

The DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym uses a pair of adjustable hydraulic pumps for 6 different resistance levels. Each of the rowing arms can be operated independently or together to do either the standard rowing exercise or an alternating rowing exercise. By attaching the bench seat to the sliding seat poles and then laying on my back, two arm pullovers and alternating pullovers can be done to give my shoulder and chest muscles a work-out. By attaching the bench seat into the post near the feet and flipping the machine on end so that the bench seat rests on the floor, the rowing arms of the DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym can be used for squats, bench presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses and shoulder shrugs. The recommended exercise program will work out 80% of the muscles in my body by using just this one machine.

The DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym is a fairly small piece of exercise equipment, just a little over 4 ft long, 2 ft wide, and 9 inches high at the rowing seat. The bench seat can be stored under the slider poles, and the entire unit can then be slid under my bed. To me, the DP BodyTone 300 Multi-Gym is an ideal blend of affordability, compact efficiency and versatility in a home exercise machine.