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Dr. Browns Bottles

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autumnleaves By autumnleaves on
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These bottles are designed with an airflow vent system to help reduce gas and colic. I purchased the 3 pack standard or "skinny" 8oz bottles. There are also wide neck or what I call short and fat bottles. I have been told that some babies are able to grip and hold the short/fat bottles easier than they are able to hold the standard bottles. All I was able to find was the package of standard bottles when I was shopping. The package came with the bottles, rims, caps, 3 level 1 nipples, 3 travel disk, 1 cleaning brush and the internal vent system for each bottle. I am not sure how the vent system works but I know that it has helped my sons gas and acid reflux.

The first 2.5 months of my son's life we dealt with many sleepless nights. Crying from gas and acid reflux. Other people kept telling me to try these Dr. Browns bottles but I just couldn't figure out how a bottle would really help with reflux. I finally gave in and I can say that they do help. It wasn't a drastic change but any improvement with a helpless newborn baby who is in pain is a must. Now that he is used to drinking from the Dr. Browns bottles he will no longer drink from any other kind.

Due to the vent system these bottles have more parts than the standard bottle so many people complain about washing them. I don't have a problem washing them myself. I would rather wash these bottles than deal with the drop in liners for the playtex bottles. These bottles are dishwasher safe and can connect directly to a breast pump for those who are pumping.

These particular bottles are not BPA free. However, Dr. Brown has recently came out with glass bottles and are either coming out with BPA free plastic or have already marketed them.

I am not going to recommend this particular bottle due to the BPA but I do recommend Dr. Brown's bottles to any mother who's baby is having trouble with gas, colic, reflux, or sptting up.