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Dr. Dean Edell Readers

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bubbacat By bubbacat on
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I wear Dr. Dean Edell readers for reading upclose fine print. I pretty much can't do without them with my contacts. I keep them on my head most of the time just like sunglasses. I wear regular glasses at home but refuse to wear regular glasses in public. I like contacts and see great except that fine print. That's where Dr. Dean Edell readers come in handy. Walmart has various designs of readers including Edell. You can choose your favorite. Readers are pretty neat now with the different plastic rim designs. I don't like to wear glasses all the time and readers are an option with contacts. Just pull them down off your head to read that label and back they go! You do what you have to do, right? Dr. Dean Edell readers are comfortable. They fit perfect and slip on and off easily. The arms are flexible and the glasses are durable. I have a tendency to drop things. These glasses stand the test. The glasses also stay put on your head. I've bought others that slide when you bend down. I've lost a couple readers that way. This is a quality product and you will be pleased. I read the side of the glasses saying "Dr. Dean Edell." I'm curious ofcourse. Who is Dr. Dean Edell? He was born in '42 and received his M.D. in '67. This doctor has had such a wide variation of interests in his life. He has a radio program named after himself. Through the years, he got tired of medicine and sold antiques, lived in a bus and collected food from garbage bins after grocery stores threw it out. These are just a few things I read about him on the internet. He seemed to me to be spiritual in his life. Those are just a few of the pathways he took in life. So if you buy a pair of Dr. Dean Edell glasses, now you have the lowdown about a pretty amazing guy. You don't just have a pair of his glasses, you know his history.