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Dr Martens Boots

Reviewing: Dm's 14 Hole Airwalks  |  Rating:
manicimi By manicimi on
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DM's!!!!!!!!! what can i say...I LOVE THEM, and you would too, in fact, just like mine they would be glued to your feet. They look awesome, in any colour especially the hand painted laqured ones (which is something you can't get away with doing to many shoes).They mould to your feet and give you the realisation of how miserably UNcomfortable your squishy trainers are. Also, i havn't met a person that's disliked them and a lot of people have hugged me or said 'wow' at the sight of them. Perfect for school kids as they are suitible in teachers eyes and pretty amazing in the eyes of other pupils. Great for those grown-up-teens, as DM's were appreciated by both mods and rockers.Mine are black, slightly scuffed at the front, yellow seams round the edge. They've got zips down the sides as i'm just too lazy, and they take less time to do up than a normal shoe yet come halfway up my calf. I've taken these beloved boots everywhere and have had them for a few years in which they've not been off my feet and know people who got theirs at 18 and are now 40 but have the same story - which says something about the durability of these stunning shoes! heels of all sizes, leather or vegetarian versions, any colour...