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Dr. Scholl's Molefoam Ensures Vacation Pleasure

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Unlike most women, I don't like shoes. I don't have a closet full and I don't love shoe stores.

My feet have reacted to almost every pair of shoes I've owned. No matter what brand or how expensive, I get blisters easily. It's a frustrating problem when on vacation when there is a lot of walking required. Places like DisneyWorld and Epcot, which I love, are literally a pain.

For years, I carried bandaids in my purse or pocket whenever I went anywhere that required much walking. They didn't help a lot, but anything was better than nothing. Sometimes I'd layer two or three over one area to stop the pain of the shoe touching the blister.

Somewhere, I came across Dr. Scholl's Molefoam Padding. It caught my eye and looked promising. I knew better than to get my hopes up too much, but I bought a package and packed it for my next trip. This time, it was Las Vegas. Oh boy! My feet ached just thinking of all the walking I'd be doing.

I put the molefoam padding in my purse, along with a small pair of scissors. As soon as I felt my first bit of pain, I found a place to sit down and cut out a piece of the padding to cover the area. It felt a lot better than a bandaid and I was hopeful. As we walked more, I'd develop more places that were getting raw and I'd stop again and cover each spot. It didn't totally take away all the pain, but it sure made it better to deal with.

The padding comes in a small flat package that contains 2 pieces. Each one measures 4 1/8" x 3 3/8". It's enough to cover a lot of skin. Normally, I carry just one piece and the scissors and I'm set for a day or two.

The padding is not perforated, so you cut what you need in the size and shape that you need it. With airline security as it is now, I can't carry the little scissors in my purse, but they go in my bigger suitcase or I buy some when I arrive at my destination. The padding has a peel off backing so that it sticks right on your skin. It holds very well, even if worn all day.

This is one of my "must have" items when I pack for a trip. If I forget it, I'll be looking for some to buy right away because I know it's necessary and it works. I highly recommend this if you have corns, calluses or get blisters as I do.