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Dragon Age: Origins Pc Review And Discussion

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Dragon Age: Origins is the Spiritual Successor of Baldur's Gate, and delivers an addictive, rich game. Made by Bioware, the developers of RPGs ranging from Mass Effect to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the game promises and delivers.

At first glance, the massive ~8GB download off steam was a worry, but as soon as he game booted up, the amazing graphics on my Gaming PC was evident. With a control bar reminiscent of World of Warcraft, the game follows the basic WASD control scheme, with hotkeys or mouse clicking for spells. It allows the gamer to switch between overhead and oblique view. THe levelling system is a homage to many RPG games, such as neverwinter nights, with 3 stat points awarded wach level, a talent every level, along with a skill every three levels.

The character creation screen is wonderfully detailed and complex, allowing you to choose between a vast palette of shapes, colours and sizes. You coulds spend hours on that thing. Also, the game allows you to pause in combat to help players choose tactics and strategy without having to do it on the fly in real time. The story is quite simple, yet elegant, and the basic plot is told within the first hour or so of gameplay, and from then on it is the fufillment of various quests, to gain EXP and gold, also reminiscent of WoW. The Equpment and item system is not as in depth or complicated as other games such as Borderlands, and there is a visual representation of the approval system, or the "happiness" of your party members.

This game is a perfectly typical fantasy RPG, with very little bugs, which have almost all been patched out, and its great storytelling through dialogue and cutscenes. i would recommend this game to literally everyone who enjoys RPGs.