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Dragonball Z Season Two

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Dragonball Z: Season 2 contains the entire Namek Saga. The battle against the Saiyans was long and hard, but in the end, our heroes triumphed. Unfortunately, with victory also comes defeat. Several of their friends were killed, and the only way to bring them back is to travel to the far off planet Namek and use the mystical Dragonballs to return them to the world of the living. Easier said than done; when Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan land on the planet, they're quickly engaged in a life or death struggle with the most powerful force in the universe: the manical Frieza. Can they recover the Dragonballs in time to save their friends? Can they even survive?

This set contains the next 35 episodes of the series, from our heroes' space journey to the planet to the defeat of the powerful Ginyu Force. The episodes are contained on, as usual, six discs in a fold out case with the discs overlapping one another. The episodes are remastered with brighter colors and less grain, as well as with the bottom and top chopped off for a widescreen effect. As an added bonus, you can watch all the episodes in their original Japanese format, as well as in English 5.1 surround sound with Japanese music.

Dragonball Z is a freakishly long series, and it's nice to see it finally getting a respectable release (meaning no 3 episodes a disc. That takes up way too much room). Here's to the entire series eventually hitting DVD in box sets.