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Drano Dual Force Foamer Worked Great!

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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My bathroom sink was getting clogged again. I could tell because it took forever for the water to drain after I washed my hands. Now I've taken those drain pipes apart before to thoroughly clean them out, so I can tell you from frequent experience that the only things clogging my bathroom sink are soap scum, toothpaste and hair that has matted into the blackest, foulest smelling piece of slimy sludge that wants to hook itself right around the bottom of my sink drain plug so it can grow a lot bigger. And this is a constant problem because of the faucet design that I chose for the sink fixture; my bathroom sink clogs up like this about every six months and the trap needs to be thoroughly cleaned out.

I haven't used clog removal products in twenty years because they're expensive and they never worked, but I didn't feel like taking my drain pipes apart again this weekend and cleaning them out by hand. It's just a dirty job that I'd rather avoid doing. So when I went to the grocery store, I decided to buy Drano Dual Force Foamer to see if that would take care of the clog for me. On the label, it promises that the FOAM removes build-up and the GEL clears clogs, and it only takes one hour to work if it's going to work the first time.

The first time? At $4.69 a bottle, it had better work the first time because I'm not paying for another bottle to watch it fail a second time.

The bottle design is ingenious: The clear liquid foam is stored in one side of the bottle while the gel is stored in the other side of the bottle, and a plastic separator keeps them from mixing. So when I poured the contents into my bathroom sink, the liquid foam poured out quickly, and then the thick gel slowly eased its way out of the bottle. The odor smells a little like bleach, which is one of the main ingredients, but it's a fairly light and clean-smelling odor compared to straight bleach. I let the Drano Dual Force Foamer do its business, then I went back an hour later to flush the drain with hot water as per the label instructions.

The Drano Dual Force Foamer worked great! My bathroom sink drains as quickly now as my faucet can pour the water out, which is what it should do when the trap has been thoroughly cleaned out. And I didn't have to do anything more complicated than pour the bottle contents out and wait for an hour. Drano Dual Force Foamer gets my vote for product excellence.