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Drano Plumbing System Pipe Treatment, Not Clogs

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Drano Plumbing System Build-Up Remover is NOT FOR CLOGS, but you have to read the fine print on the back to learn that.

What it says is “for slow running drains.” And “to keep your whole plumbing system flowing free.” It is safe for septic systems, and supposedly stimulates them.

The container handles nicely, with a handle, and the cap is the kind that allows extra product to run back into the bottle. This is a nice feature.

We have a sink that drained very slowly, and I know why, but I decided to give Drano Plumbing a tough test. I know that the problem is hair that gets caught in the drain trap. I just have to fish that icky stuff out with a bent paper clip every so often. But let’s say that I didn’t know why it was slow, and just bought this product because of its promise. So I diligently poured one capful down this drain for three consecutive days, while not running water down that drain for 6 hours after each treatment. Quite an annoyance.

No surprise, this product did not get rid of the problem. At the end of the third day I cleaned the trap, and the drain is fine again.

So, I don’t really know if build-up in my pipes has been removed or not. I don’t know how you would evaluate this. Perhaps if your slow drain is actually due to that build-up you would see a difference after the treatment. At the end of the directions they suggest that after you treat all your drains that you pour the rest of the bottle down the toilet to treat the septic tank. Like all septic tank treatments, you just flush and wonder.

They also suggest pouring 2 capfuls down each drain every 2-4 weeks. Sounds like a good way to sell a product. Not sure most systems should need this much attention.

Perhaps I don’t have a good way to test how well this product works. But in my opinion, I’m not sure just what you are getting for nearly $4.00

Update On Dec 27, 2008: I just used the rest of this bottle to treat a drain that we don't use often that was beginning to smell terrible. It did a great job of getting rid of that awful odor.