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Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation!

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Montana Evans By Montana Evans on
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I saw this foundation advertised a lot. Just like all the other foundation adds, it featured a beautiful model with perfect skin. I'm normally not a sucker for commercial ads, but after I found a coupon for the foundation, I decided hey what the heck! So I went to the store and got $2 off with my coupon. I believe it was around eight dollars, but I can't quite remember.

It comes in a small-medium sized bottle with a pump. In all the reviews I read, people said that the lid was the coolest thing, and I thought "Whats the big deal"? But I really love the little lid that slips onto the pump! The pump also locks, so you don't need to be worried about spills. Yay!

The next day I decided to try it. I applied it with my fingers, and without any primer or powder or anything under it. I fell in love! It definitely doesn't hide all my flaws or my rosy cheeks, but thats alright! It makes my skin look and feel much smoother. It didn't clump on dry spots like the Dream Mattee Mousse did. It made my skins texture look alot more even. If you look up close, it isn't all powdery like the Mattee either. I bought this quite a while ago. Now that I think about it, It could be up to a year! I'm still on the same bottle. I only need two small pumps to cover my face.

I'm not extremely prone to breakouts, but the wrong foundation will cause me to have a reaction. I have had no reaction with this make up. The shade I have it in is Natural Ivory or Light 3. Also keep in mind when selecting a shade for this, the odd numbers are more pink-based, while the evens are more brown-based. I have very light, pink tinted skin. 1 was too light, so I went with 3.

My only complaint is that if you don't take care of this (like I always just keep it in a bag with a bunch of other make up and bring it around as needed), then the head of the pump may come off. But thats kind of my fault! Its very easy to put back on, you may lose a pump or two of makeup, but thats it.

Overall, I would definitely suggest this foundation!