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Drive Time

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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I don't know if anyone else has ever tried the financing company called Drivetime. They are a company that allows buyers with bad credit, no credit, and banruptcies to buy a car (like second chance financing). They have cars from about 2001 and newer on their lots and most of the lots are located in Southern California and Nevada. Most of the sales people are very nice, however when you go higher like a Supervisor they get really pushy and mean. Its almost like once the sales people put on their charm, the Supervisors feel that they have you so they can treat you like you are not a human. I have purchased 2 cars from them and didnt actually have problems with them until I bought my second car. From then on out Drivetime has gone down hill. I felt that once the sales was finished they were finished as well. Their customer service department and financing are even worse. If your payment is not made on the day it is due, they call you that day. The calls aren't just once or twice but five to six times that same day reminding you that you have a payment due. If you dont make your payment on time then the calls get even more threatening. There has been once or twice that I have not been able to pay my car payment and called them for payment arrangments and they get nasty, like its a big deal that I need to make those arrangements. The only good part about this company is that They allow you to pay your car payment on the days you get paid. For Example... if you get paid on the 1st and the 15th, then that is when you payment is to be made.

I personally will never purchase another car from them and I will certainly not ever reccomend them to any of my friends or family.