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Droid Eris Review

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sevp By sevp on
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I've finally joined the 3G world. My Sprint contract expired and we decided to go with Verizon Wireless. There was a special on the Droid Eris and, after playing with the demo phone at the store, we decided to purchase two of them.

The Droid Eris is a great phone- IF you take the time to learn some of the neato features. If you are a technophobe and just want to dial your friends, don't get it. But if you want to do a little more with the phone because you're a person on the go, the Eris is great.

As a phone, the calls come in clear. But dialing can be a hassle if you don't have short cuts to your most dialed persons set. The screen is very touch sensitive so if you hold your finger on the "dial" button too long you'll immediately hang up. If your screen saver is too short your screen will time out and you may be continuously dialing someone who isn't picking up. So be sure not to touch anything else when you call out.

The sensitivity feature also comes into play with the virtual keyboard. Unlike it's big brother Droid, the Eris has a virtual keyboard that doesn't work well with big fingered folks. But a simple turn of the phone 90 degrees counterclockwise lets you use the keyboard horizontally, making it easier to type.

The key to maximizing your Droid Eris experience is getting a hold of the right applications, known as "apps". The best part is that most of the apps you want are free in the Verizon marketplace. Make sure you get the Task Killer app. Many apps don't close out on their own and can hog your memory, so the Task Killer makes it easier to close them all at once.

Battery life is also good if you don't spend all your time on the 3G network or have all those apps running in the background. The charger that comes with the Eris is versatile- it comes with a USB connector so you can hook the phone up to the PC for updates.

Be sure to play with the Eris before you buy. It also helps to have a Verizon specialist show you some of the other neat features. Again, this phone isn't for everyone. But it's a great phone for me.