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Drummer Set For Wii Guitar Hero 4

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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I have reviewed the game and the new guitar but the new drum set that coems in the band set i have not reviewed. I find that the drum set is very easy to use, the pads might've been mixed up but very adaptable. I find them fun to use and useful to relieve stress during loud metal songs. But i do have complaints and things i found about when using and inspecting them over the last few weeks.

The sensor to detect what and when you hit a pad sometimes does not work. Timing is critical but there are moments when your timing is perfect and the sesnor dosen't detect certain notes. I hate those moments. When you buy things and are over excited about using it the minute you get home, there are dissapointments. When my brother was adjusting the height, we discovered that one of the things that locks the legs in didn't work. Of course we tried different things like examining it and trying to figure what was wrong but in the end we used masking tape.

Its an excellents device but it does have tiny faults that can spoil moments for you. Thats all i'm saying. Overall out of ten i give it an eight and a half.