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Dry And Comfortable

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Ahhh...this is probably the ultimate in baby disposable diapers. If my baby could only speak, she would probably say..."aahhh..."

Huggies Dry Comfort has everything--perfect fit, very absorbent, keeps babies feeling dry because of the very absorbent gel that it has, minimizes irritation of baby's skin because it keeps the wetness away, and its tapes are very secure. I once witnessed a demonstration of how good Huggies Dry Comfort is and they poured I think 400 ml of liquid in a Medium sized diaper and it still absorbed!

Huggies Dry Comfort claims that it can take up to 10 hours worth of pee, but for us, our baby uses it overnight, from 12-14 hours. So although it is quite pricey than other brands, it will still come out cheaper than changing baby twice each night. Plus, baby and us get uninterrupted sleep. That is the most important thing.

As compared to Huggies Dry which pales in comparison, Huggies Dry Comfort is superior in quality and double the benefits but not double the price as Huggies Dry.

The only downside is using this diaper during the day when baby is active and sweaty and tends to poop a lot. That would mean about three diaper changes and with Huggies Dry Comfort, that can become quite expensive.

So what we do is, we use a cheaper brand during the day and then we change her nappies to Huggies Dry Comfort when it is time for her evening bath.

Just to make sure that we don't Huggies the horrible with Huggies Dry Comfort, we always remember that Huggies Dry Comfort has red and blue packaging. Very good product by Huggies. If it could be cheaper, then it would be perfect. But just the same, it is very good.