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Dry Heels File Dry Skin Away

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My husband is actually the one who loves this Ped Egg. He got one about a year ago from friends and it seemed to me that the blades quickly dulled out after a few uses, but he continued to use it and of course started asking for more blades. I just didn't see a need to keep using it, but recently we were in our local Publix grocery store and I saw it on sale for $7.99. So I got him a new one and am not such a meany after all. He was very happy. As you can probably tell, I am very indifferent about the whole product.

As many of you know from the commercials, the Ped Egg is a bunch of little blades that you use like a cheese grater, but on your heel. Sorry, but that's really the best description I can compare it to. The instructions and warning are inside the lid/dead skin catchall area. You pull the egg apart and then flip the blade part upside down and place it back into the lid part, which is where it catches what you shave off. You do need to be careful when opening the egg so you don't accidentally knick or cut your hand. And you need to scrape the blades/egg in one direction for it to do accurate results.The powdered dead skin cells are in the lid and when you pull it back apart, you dump the "powder" into the trash.

My husband wears flip flops a lot and walks around in his bare feet. The sad result is that his ankles and heels are extremely dry and cracked. He likes the ease of use the Ped Egg offers and says it works, but honestly I still think his heels look about the same. He disagrees and they are his feet.

I didn't want to review this product because I just think it's gross and when they show the person in the commercial dumping out their dead heel skin after using the product - I just have to leave the room or I look away. Yep - the picture I took of the blades shows a little bit of that residue on the blades - sorry, buy I refuse to clean it. It took enough for me to snap pictures - ick.

Funny thing is, my husband is the one who hates feet anywhere near him, but he'll use this thing and even watch the commercial.

Overall I guess I can say it works for him. I don't ever see myself using it though. It seems to me that a fine sandpaper type product would do the same thing. But I could be wrong.

Update On Mar 24, 2010: We've purchased replacement files for this and my husband still uses it several times a week. I have never tried it, but he loves it. But then again, he wears flip flops more and goes barefoot more than I do. So his heels are exposed more to the elements and therefore his heels dry out more than mine do. But he loves it more than just putting on lotions, as he says the lotions don't really do a long lasting effect like these files do.