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Dry Idea Clinical Invisible Solid Unscented

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Jill Viers By Jill Viers on
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No one wants to smell bad...but I have an even bigger issue. I have some irrational fear of getting stinky even though no one has ever said I've stunk before. Anyway, I also sweat a lot, so I like to try out new anti-perspirants in the hope of reducing the amount of sweat that comes off of me. One deodorant/anti-perspirant I tried recently was the Dry Idea Clinical Strength.

This deodorant/anti-perspirant is about $2-$3 more than your typical drug store price, so you have to really want the clinical strength to think it's worth the cost. I bought the unscented kind, which still has a scent, but just not as strong. It kind of smells like the traditional baby powder scent.

This is an invisible solid, so it is advertised as going on less messy than the gel kind but still invisible so it doesn't leave unsightly lines. From my experience, they advertised correctly. It doesn't seem to leave the deodorant streaks or marks on my clothing, and I can use it with tank tops without getting big white globs all over me.

Overall, I have noticed that when I use this product, I never smell bad, I seem to have less sweat and pit stains, and the product lasts for a long time. It has been worth it for me to use. Hopefully it will be for you if you decide to check it out.