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Ds Lite Ds Lite Review

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A Nintendo DS Lite is a portable gaming system from Nintendo. It opens like a checkbook, with one screen for viewing and the other a touchscreen for directing gameplay. There is a convenient storage space in the side of the DS Lite for the stylus.

With your Nintendo DS Lite, you'll be able to play many games that are available for systems like the GameCube or Wii. Nintendo DS games are small, thin squares that slip in the top-backside of the unit. In addition, you can play Gameboy Advance Games by inserting them into the bottom of your DS Lite.

A charger connects your DS Lite to the wall through a small port in the back. It doesn't take long to charge, but there are two things I really liked about the battery:

1. You can play while your DS Lite is plugged into the charger, and

2. You can close your DS Lite if you're in the middle of a game, and it drastically reduces how much of the battery is being used. Come back and open it and you're ready to go. This is very helpful for games that only save at the end of a level.

The DS Lite does have a Wi-Fi feature so you can play online with people all over the world. We haven't turned this on because our daughter is so young, and I want to be able to monitor when strangers contact her. As far as I know, the DS Lite doesn't log your communication with people online.

And as with many gaming products, there are several aftermarket add-ons that you can buy to expand your use. Car charges, to play on the go, game cases, microfiber clothes for cleaning the screen, gizmos to allow for extra save slots and even a gadget that allows you to use the DS Lite as a portable movie player. Look for bigger and better things to come from this system that's become a favorite among Nintendo lovers.

We purchased this unit (in pink) for our daughter's 7th birthday, and would do it again in a heartbeat. The games are less expensive, and portability has been a blessing on trips where we have to wait. It also gives her a chance to get away and do something fun when the kids are fighting. If you have a child who loves to play video games, the DS Lite is a versatile, affordable option.