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Dual Erase Away, Stand Aside Magic Erase

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I found the magic of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers some time ago and for the longest time I would simply scour the house looking for things to test them on. Would it clean this, that, the other thing? Of course it would!

It wasn't until late last year that my husband found a new reason to love these little dissolving cleaning pads...actually he loved them so much that I was going through 4 or 5 boxes a week. While putting the recyclables in the garage one day I came across the poor remains of one of his latest scoffs...lying shriveled and used inside the box and I realized that he was going through them in record numbers because he'd discovered that they worked great on the vehicles! I had noticed that the car in particular was looking quite dapper lately. We would get brake dust near the back end of the car in the form of little yellow specks and on a white vehicle these are pretty noticeable...well to me at least. He had discovered that with the help of the Magic Erase pads, those specks came off with very little effort and left the car looking quite spectacular.

When I was at a local Giant Tiger one day, I happened to stroll down the cleaning supply aisle and noticed a box of familiar looking cleaning pads...only they were called Dual Erase Away.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and splurge a huge $1.97 on a box of 2 and took them home, placed them under the sink where the other brand had always been kept and waited. It didn't take long for me to find out whether or not these Dual Erase Away pads would pass my husband's inspection. That weekend, right on cue, there was my dear heart out bright and early, 6:30 a.m. to be precise, meticulously cleaning the vehicles.

When he was done I went outside to ask, casually of course, how the cleaning had gone. He beamed and grabbed me by the arm dragging me to the rear of the car and then to the truck and with much fan fair announced, "Mom, whatever made you decide to buy those eraser things, I'm glad you did. They work great!"

The Mr. Clean Magic Erase pads had actually been leaving tell tale white film on the car that my husband really hadn't attributed to the pads themselves until he used the Dual Erase ones which didn't leave any kind of film behind at all. He had found them to work better than the other brand and I've purchased nothing but these Dual Erase pads since.

I've used them around the house with excellent results and like my husband, I've found that when I clean with them I don't have to go back and wipe of any milky white residue which was almost always necessary with the Mr. Clean pads.

The Dual Erase don't seem to break down quite as quickly either and that means that I can easily get more than a few cleanings from them. I've used them to do everything from removing finger prints off walls to scuff marks off the wood floors, cleaning the grout in the tiles of the children's bath and have even removed rust stains off the kitchen floor thanks to an appliance that was leaking.

By simply moistening the pad with water and using the white side to clean tougher stains or messes and the blue one for lighter cleaning, we've been able to do a lot of cleaning for a lot less lately. Until I can no longer find these in stores, this is the eraser I'll be using for awhile to come hopefully.