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Dual Xdvd270 7 Portable Dvd Player

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Beth Kayhart By Beth Kayhart on
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My son loves to watch movies, and we really needed something to occupy him on long car rides. In particular, we were going to be driving from Wisconsin to Florida. We had originally purchased a cheap model portable DVD player from Walmart. It quit working right after the warranty period was up. It was very frustrating. We decided we would spend a little more and get a better quality one. We ended up buying this one after we looked around at Best Buy. We spent around $250 for it. It was located in their car accessory section of the store away from the other portable DVD players.I liked the style of this one. It is nice that it comes with 2 screens (have to watch the same movie on both), although this was kind of a wasted feature for us, since we only have one child. I can see where it would be beneficial for others though. It comes with all the accessories you would need. It comes with the cases to attach to the back of the headrest, a remote control, the cord to connect the 2 screens, the car adapter, and also an adapter so you can plug it in when you take it in the house. It even came with headphones. It is simple for my 5 year old to operate, and the 7" screen size is just right for in the car.

We were smart this time though and we paid for the extended 4-year warranty that Best Buy sells. It was a good thing too, because this one did stop playing DVDs about 3 months after we bought it. All we had to do was take it back to Best Buy and they told us to get another one off the shelf. Despite this problem, I still recommend this product. Just get the extended warranty if you can, no matter which one you buy.