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Dubble Bubble Gum Balls, Yuck!

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Remember Dubble Bubble gum? The bright pink pieces wrapped in a comic strip were pretty much a staple during my childhood. I remember each piece tasting great and lasting me all day long. Seems my favourite childhood bubble gum has gone the way of the buffalo.

I babysat for some friends a couple weeks ago, and the mom was kind enough to send along a bunch of kid foods and treats for the day, including a carton of Dubble Bubble bubble gum. The gum was definitely the most popular treat of the day, and the little ones kept going back for more. It seemed every time I turned around, someone had a new piece of gum. I hate to be the mean babysitter, but eventually I had to cut them off... Didn't think their parents would appreciate sugar-high kids on the drive back home. Later however, I understood. I tried a piece for myself that evening, and couldn't believe how quickly the flavour was gone. I don't think it was in my mouth for a full minuite before the fruity flavour was completely gone and replaced with a very bitter aftertase. Yuck! I tried a couple of the other colours/flavours and they were all the same. After about 40 seconds, the gum just tasted gross and I had to spit it out.

I know that gum is a fairly cheep treat, but still, I was expecting better than that. These really aren't a good value at all. Now that I know, I'll be avoiding these whenever I'm shopping for candy.