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Dublin, Ireland

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sweetmeg214 By sweetmeg214 on
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Dublin is such an interesting city. Parts of it to me didn't quite feel modern, even by old-city-in-Europe standards. And besides that, for someone who paycheck doesn't come in a euro or pound, it is just plain expensive. I stayed well outside of the city center, in the Laffey Valley, and while this did afford me a nicer hotel, I felt like something was missing from this trip. In all honesty, didn't get to do that much in Dublin outside walk around the city. Even though I always find this enjoyable, my friends and I had plans to find a true Irish pub, get some pub food and drink Guinness until we couldn't stand it anymore (or just couldn't stand, which ever came first). Due to the fact that a pint was around 8 euros (about 11 dollars during my trip), there was no way we could do that on our limited college student budget. We did tour the Guinness factory, which was fun but still not really what we were looking for. If you are planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland, be sure to save up well for it, or wait to see if exchanges turn in our favor (looks unlikely in the short term). I have heard that other parts of Ireland are more affordable (as well as authentic) but as I only have been to Dublin proper, I cannot attest to that.