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Dulux Mully The Best Emulsion In The World

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I think Mully (Emulsion) is the best paint in the World. It is water based, so you wash your brushes out under the tap. You have no problems with splashes or spills either, just a wet cloth is needed to prevent ruined clothes of furnishings. The finish you require can be Matt, Silk, or somewhere between the two.

I pay around the £15 mark for a two & a half Litre tin, actually it is a plastic container, but metal rusts and Plastic doesn't. The contents require stirring, and I mean stirring properly. You have to make sure the surface is prepared first, it must be dry, not dusty, and all cracks and holes have to be filled. Then you can apply the paint, this is done in several ways:-

Application by brush, you can put this stuff on with a conventional paint brush, I usually have two on the go, one small one for cutting in, and a large one for big areas. Try to use a decent quality brush, remember it will wash out easily, so this brush will be still usable in twenty years time f you look after it!

Paint pads, I think these are brilliant, I prefer the ones made by Harris, the emulsion goes on so easily, and covers so quickly.

Rollers, again, I think these are brilliant for covering large areas, and as long as you use dust sheets, you should not be bothered by the tiny droplets that will get onto everything, including you! I use a nine inch good quality roller for large areas, and a smaller one called a Radiator roller for small areas. You will need a roller tray, these are plastic and I use a thin polythene bag to line my tray, it saves time cleaning out the corners.

You can get roller refills very cheaply nowadays, and I know a lot of people simply throw them away after use. I don't agree with this, because it is so easy to wash them out under the tap. This means you can justify buying good quality ones, because you know they will last for a long time.

Spraying, this is another method that is becoming popular nowadays, but you need special Emulsion sprayguns, do not be tempted to use one designed for applying car paint, as Emulsion is hard wearing because it contains an abrasive, and would wear out your nozzle very quickly.

After use, make sure the lid is firmly on your container, then the paint will last until it is needed for touching up. A paint pad is good for applying a "Freshenning up" (is that a word?) coat, and can be put in very quickly.

There is a vast range of colours available nowadays, and you can even mix your own.

I must say Dulux is my favourite paint, and although you can buy cheaper, I am convinced that it is worth paying the extra

As you may sense, I totally recommend this Emulsion to everyone.