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Duma Key Written By Stephen King

Reviewing: Scribner Publishing Hard Cover Duma Key A Novel By Stephen King  |  Rating:
Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I just recently within the last couple days finished reading "Duma Key" Written by Stephen King. This is the first Stephen King novel I have ever read that is why I gave my level of experience a low rating. I can't really compare this novel to any of his other novels because I haven't read any other novels by Mr. King.

That being said by this novel alone I am very impressed and will more then likely pick up more of Kings novels in the future. If you like to be scared, you like that cold chill to run up and down your spine, or you just like sleeping with the covers pulled over your head when the lights are out then you will LOVE this novel.

"Duma Key" starts out slowly but it builds up with strangeness happening fairly quickly. It starts out as little things that could very well be a coincadence but you find out in the end that NOTHING in this novel is a coincadence. It's a scary mystery and not all involved make it out alive. Who knew that a small island in the Florida Keys could hold such mystery and horror. This isn't your spring break Florida Vacation unless you like a good scare.