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Dunlop Heil Talk Box

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By verity on
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I am not going to use catchy phrases or make outrageous claims, and I am going to attempt to keep this review as objective as possible, but...this talk box is the most amazing thing I have ever plugged my guitar into! Well, you don't actually plug it directly into the talk box, and doing so might produce a high squealing sound from your cabinet, but you get the general idea. Before I get into the actual review let me just state that durability is a nonissue, as it is encased in a very strong metal "box", hence the name talk box.

Now, that I have established just how amazing this talk box sounds, let me elaborate on the parts that might not be so awesome. To use this bad boy you are absoultely going to need a guitar or keyboard (I will only be covering the guitar part here as I only have an acoustical piano that is definitely not compatabile with this talk box). In addition to the instrument you will need an amp head with a speaker output, a speaker cable to connect the speaker output to the talkbox input, and a cable to connect the talkbox output to your speaker cabinet. This is all you need to actually hook it up, but if you expect to be able to hear anything then you will need a PA system. Mine consisted of a small combo amplifier and a micrphone w/ a mic stand. The microphone is independent from your amp head and speaker cabinet, it is used only to amplify the "talkbox effect".

Once your talkbox is hooked up to your amp head and speaker cabinet as described in the previous paragraph then you have to hook the short vinyl tube into the hole at the top of the pedal. Finally, run the tube along the side of your microphone stand(which should be hooked up into a separate amplifier of some kind) and place the end next to your microphone. Now, with your guitar hooked up, play some notes and move your mouth. Your mouth manipulates the air that comes out of the tube and "spits it out" into the microphone. Neat, huh?

Sorry for the exhaustingly long installation description, but I thought I should let you guys know what you're getting into if you don't know much about your amp. The setup can be very easy, or unexplainably difficult depending on your power and pre amp configuration so most of the readers might have no trouble at all with the installation; others may spend hours trying to set it up.

As this lengthy review comes to a close I only have one more thing to talk about: The Sound! And, yes, I will be spelling Sound with a capital S because a lowercase one just doesn't do it justice. It is easy to achieve an authentic Frampton Sound with this baby. This was my first talk box, and once I managed to hook it up I just plugged in and played. It sounded amazing! I had a very enjoyable time hurling wordless insults using the talkbox at my bandmates as we practiced and you will too!

So to sum up this review in sentence, buy this talk box if you are looking for an authentic sound and don't mind the potentially annoying setup and maybe try a simpler one like the Rocktron Banshee if you don't have the equipment or technical knowledge to set it up.