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Durable Keyboard

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I have to admit that I am a little rough on my keyboards. Not that I intend to be, but since I am a Web Designer and Graphic Artist, I use shortcut keys to make my work get done faster. However, in doing so, the most used keys on all of the keyboards I have used over the past 15+ years have cracked on me. My husband and I finally agreed that with me going through at least 2 keyboards a year, that there HAD to be something out there that was more durable. I had been using a Saitek illuminated keyboard for almost a year and it had blue back lights, which really didn't matter, but within 6 months, the key letters were rubbing off and I was left with keys that had a blue light shining through, but at least the keys hadn't cracked liked other keyboards had.

That's when we decided to head to Best Buy to check out the keyboards. We also had $40 in gift cards, so that was going to help tremendously in finding a quality keyboard.

Enter in the Logitech Very Slim Illuminated Keyboard! I can't begin to say how pleased I am with this baby. I have been using and abusing it for two years now and the keys have not even begun to show wear of ANY kind. There is a white back light, again - that doesn't really matter, but it's still there.

I know many people would refuse to pay $70-$80 for a keyboard, but when you are on it as much as I am and constantly using the same keys - for example, I always use the "CTRL" key along with either the "S", "V" or "C" keys. Those keys represent SAVE, PASTE and COPY in most software programs and I couldn't believe it in the past when I saw my old keyboard keys begin to actuall WRINKLE before they would crack. My husband was upset at first until he actually watched me work one day and agreed that under any constant use, this would happen to most people.

My Logitech keyboard is also the smoothest type I have ever had. The keys feel the same today and they did when I took it out of the box. My biggest pet peeve in keyboards is the "click" sound they make when you type. Not so much the sound, but the actually stiffness most keyboards have when you type. My Logitech is NOTHING like that. My fingers just flow right along on the keypad and my fingers don't get tired or sore - yes, that happened in the past too. Logitech calls it their "PerfectStroke" key system - and it truly is.

This is a USB plug keyboard and I have to admit, it's very handsome, if I can refer to a keyboard that way? And yes, if you are prone to type in the dark, it lights up perfectly fine. The close up I included is blurred, but hopefully you can see the lighting.The light setting has 4 levels - bright, medium and low and of course, off - but I never use it. It's always on bright.

It works for both PC and MAC.

The only complaint I might have is the matte finish on the keyboard. Dust does not wipe off easily, but a damp cloth will clean it. I am lazy and use my can of air, so the dust doesn't really move, but there is less room under the keypad like other boards, so dust collection under the pads is minimal.

Honestly, I haven't even set up all the shortcut or "hot keys" at the top of my keyboard. But you are able to click the following buttons to go where you wish: Home, E-mail, Mute and 2 up and down sound level keys, Media buttons that can play your Media library, fast forward, rewind, stop and pause. There is also a picture hot key, a "website key" so you can set your favorite website to the click of a key and a "Messenger" hot key.

Most lit keyboards are referred to as a gaming keyboard and it works well for that too, but I use mine mostly for work stuff.

I placed this under the Computer Ergonomics category because unlike other keyboards, I don't get pain in my wrists like I had been. Even the wave keyboards hurt my wrists after a while. This keyboard is so flat that it's almost like having your hands flat on the desk. So no bad wrist positioning here.

This keyboard does a TON of things, but for me it has saved me a TON of money in replacing cheap keyboards twice a year. And yes, that's my Logitech Trackball Mouse to the side of my keyboard. Guess I'm a Logitech gal.

Thanks for reading.