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Durabrand Paper Shredder

Reviewing: Durabrand Paper Shredder 6 Sheet Strip Cut  |  Rating:
Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Durabrand Paper Shredder- this is a six sheet / strip cut paper shredder. This is not the usual paper shredder. This one came only with the shredding part and no wastebasket. This one sits on top of the wastebasket. It has an extendable arm to help it fit most wastebaskets. At one time it can shred six sheets of 20 pound bond paper into 1/4 inch strips. It is also supposed to destroy credit cards. It has a three mode switch which consists of auto-on, off, reverse. Auto-on is a mode which the machine does not run but it’s on and the minute paper hits the blades it shreds them. The reverse mode is for when a paper jam occurs. You put it in reverse and the paper comes back out. In my opinion, this is not the best shredder out there. The paper shredder is very prone to getting paper jams. The reverse button does not always work. After each sheet of paper I have to check to make sure that the strips are out of the bottom. Sometimes I have to pull paper out of it to get it cleared. This can be a very messy process. I have not tried credit cards in it and I probably won't. Over all this is a shredder I will have to work with but I am learning some little tips to help it work better. I should take it back but its not really worth the trip considering I paid about 12 bucks for it. However, I would recommend buying a different brand shredder.