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Duracell They Aren't Just Batteries Any More

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Alright, I admit it. I'm a techno junky! If it is a technology, I'm there, especially if it's a sleek, easy to use and worth the money product, I'm all over it. I am also a Flash Drive hound. The Duracell 8G Memory Flash drive I purchased the other day is compact, lightweight and in comparison to others I've used, fast!

Data transfers from my external drives to my memory drive were quick and simple. Even transferring a number of my PDF files in preparation for getting some reading in next week was a simple matter of copying the files from one drive onto the Memory flash drive. With 8G of storage space, I can safely carry around in the palm of my hand a vast amount of information that is currently part of my every day routine. Firefox, Photoshop and Painter are the must have applications that I keep on flash drives as well as whatever site or blog I'm currently working on. Until now I had to run with several separate and very slow flash drives. Now I believe I've found the perfect solution to multiple drives and have gained a lot more transfer speed in the process. I'll still have to carry more than one for now til I can pick up a few more of these but I wanted to ensure I wouldn't be stuck with yet another slow horse and I have to say the Duracell Memory drive is definitely not a slow horse. Transferring files was a drag and drop exercise that took only seconds to accomplish. According to the packaging the 8G drive will hold approximately 5688 jpeg photos and with 8G worth of room I now have an additional 8, 000MG of storage area. As a frequent beta tester, that extra storage is a great way for me to actually be able to carry around the zipped products without taking up space on my computer as well, until I'm ready to test them on the many differently configured systems I have available to me and now I no longer have to carry two or three flash drives around when one will do.

For anyone who loves the convenience and portability of a flash memory drive to transfer files from laptop to desktop, store photos, programs or important documents, this drive would definitely do the job and more.

The one downfall to this compact little drive however which prompted me to rate the cap security low is that the protective cap for the usb connection is easily lost given that there is no way to attach it to the drive. I tried securing it to the other end but unfortunately that didn't work. I'll have to hope that I don't lose the cap along the way but what I'll probably end up doing is placing a small piece of Velcro on both the cap and side of the drive and hopefully that will keep the two parts together sufficiently enough. The drive does come with a key ring but the strength of it? I wouldn't really want to attach it to anything as it appears quite thin and more than likely you'd end up losing the drive completely leaving you with nothing but a key ring.

The price was exceptional in my opinion. A number of other drives I looked at where offering only 2-4 Gigs for between $20-$38. This particular drive was on sale and so far appears to be worth the money I spent. I'm not certain I'd pay $50 for it but for $29.99, I am quite satisfied. Most of the other flash memory drives I've purchased have been between the $10 and $15 range and my oldest drive is going on 2 years old without any indication of degradation where content reliability is concerned. I expect that the Duracell flash memory drive will serve me as long with little to no problem expected. I will definitely be picking up a few more of these shortly.

Update On Feb 26, 2010: This flash drive is going to be in my possession for 2 years soon and it still operates flawlessly. It has been reformated a few times in order to transfer a windows operating system onto a machine that didn't have a working DVD player and thus the program disk that was necessary had to be copied to the USB stick and made bootable. It worked perfectly for this process and was fast and effortless to set up.

As for file storage I have transferred and deleted numerous files from it and I usually have it plugged into a hub on my laptop for those times when I want to keep certain files available in case I want to work on the Netbook.

An excellent USB flash drive that was well worth the money.