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Duraworx Mini Hand Tiller

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dsnygrl By dsnygrl on
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I have a new favorite tool in the garden. It's my mini hand tiller by a company called Duraworx.

I live in Georgia and here we have really hard clay soil that is filled with rocks. This makes gardening a challenge and a labor intensive task. I am always on the lookout for products that make that job a little easier. When I break ground in newer parts of the garden I start by digging holes and loosening up the soil with a regular shovel. I usually don't get too far before I hit a really hard part that I just can't break up with the big shovel and that's where this tiller comes in.

The mini hand tiller is a two sided tool with a straight metal edge on one side and a forked end on the other side. It is similar to a hand held version of a pickaxe. With this I can get down there and really get into the soil and break up the hard parts. It also does a great job getting under rocks to lift them out. It is just the right weight to get the job done without being too heavy that it hurts or tires your arm. It has a rubberized handle that is comfortable to hold and also gives you a good grip so that it does not slip out of your hands when they are covered in dirt or wet.

When I am in a spot in the garden that has been used in previous years and the soil has already been loosened, this works great to pull the soil aside for a quick hole in which to pop a plant. The straight edge side also works well to chop through large clumps of roots if you are dividing plants up while the forked side is great for aeration.

This little tool is a new addition to my garden tool collection this year and so far I have used it many times and feel I have already gotten my money's worth out of it. I highly recommend this to all home gardeners.