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Dust Mites Be Gone!

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Dana Collie By Dana Collie on
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As someone with indoor and outdoor allergies, I get really scratchy, and sneezy. When I'm cleaning I have had really bad sneezing fits that would turn into coughing fits. At this point I would have to use my inhaler. Allergies interferes with a lot of things I like to do. I couldn't go outside when the wind was blowing because I would get pollen up my nose, and my eyes would start watering. Growing up I did not have these problems, They didn't start until after I had my daughter.

I tried taking over the counter medicine like BENADRYL but they just don't work, as well as you what them to. When I started becoming allergic to our pets, expesially my dog, I told myself it was time to see the Doctor.

I finally talked to my doctor about my allergies. She did several test to help determine what specifically triggered my allergies. After the test came back the doctor recommended SINGULAIR. I take one 10mg tablet every morning. I am a very happy person, because it has kept me sneeze free! I no longer get watery eyes when I go out side. The only bad thing is I now have to do all the dusting!