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Dvd Flick Free Authoring Software

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DVD Flick is a great piece of software which you can download completely free under GPL license.

Considering it is free, I was extremely impressed with this program, and although it has some limitations, it's ideal if you would like to make a professional looking DVD easily without having to pay for it (although, they do ask you to make a donation if you like it, and you can donate whatever you like through PayPal or Soundforge).

I found the program surprisingly very easy to use, so you don't need to be an expert to make this work for you.

To start off, you just add the video files that you would like to compile onto your DVD from you PC, it automatically converts these files into DVD format during the burning process, so no extra conversion software is needed. It also automatically adds the chapters for you.

You can import as many as 70+ different video formats including the usual mpg, mp2, mp4 and wmv formats to mention just a few, but it also accepts flv format which is good if you download any videos from the internet that you would like to keep. To my knowledge, there is no other DVD software available which supports so many different video formats without having to pay for upgrades.

It also supports most audio formats too (about 50+ in total).

The next step is to choose a template for your main menu, there are a few you can choose from, the software will then automatically compile your menu with screenshots of each chapter and a title, and if you have many chapters, then it will create several menus that are all easy to navigate on the finished DVD.

The final stage is to start the burn process onto a blank DVD... And that's it.. It really is very simple.

The Pros and Cons:


Very simple and easy to use.

Nice professional look.

Supports DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD Dual Layer, and DVD-RW.

Installs on Mac OS, Windows PC (Vista, XP & 7).

More advanced usage available in the software setting if you would like to use them, such as conversion quality, burn image, customise templates etc.


Unable to import more than 50 titles or video files, (not usually a problem for most users).

Conversion process is slower than other software (as an example it took 3 hours to compile a burn a dual layer DVD containing 50 video files).

Shows DVD space as full after adding all videos, but after burning there was an obvious space left on the DVD of about 25% which I was unable to utilise.


Compared to Windows DVD Maker (which comes free with Windows Vista and 7), this software allows you to make a more professional looking DVD which includes titles, it's ideal for easily making nice looking DVDs, however it is slow and you will need to allow plenty of time to burn your DVDs.