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Dvd Movie Review: The Core

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By Stephanie Grohol on
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The Core is one of those movies that is both interesting and entertaining. The Core is about what happens if the Earth's core stops spinning. What would happen to the Earth and lives on it if that happened? The movie opens with a business man about to give a presentation when he suddenly just keels over, dead. Then we are shown outside where accidents have happened and people have died due to some unknown source. Next, we are shown a teacher who is brought to a storage area with another man to figure out what happened to all the people. It is discovered that the people who died were the ones who wore pacemakers. It takes the teacher to figure out that the core of the Earth has stopped spinning. He asks the help of world famous scientist to help him and they make the discovery that if the core is not helped, all life on Earth will die.

So with the help of some astronauts, the government, a techo-nerd, and some other scientists, they are able to build a machine that can burrow into the earth and be able to withstand very hot temperatures in order to save the Earth. This was an interesting movie, but since I am a science fiction fan, I enjoyed it too. I know this is science fiction and not likely to happen, but still it makes you think. What if it could happen and we could be in trouble, like in the movie? This movie was entertainment at its best.