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Dvd Player Conia M250

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William Ryall By William Ryall on
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I bought this DVD player a little over a year ago and considering the price - it's been worth it - yet a little disappointing at the same time.

I have three major concerns with this DVD player. Firstly the remote isn't up to scratch at all - you have to be within 5 feet or so for it work (which means almost falling off my bed to get to a reachable distance)and the buttons often.

Secondly the magnet which picks up the DVD and allows the laser to read it became sticky. This doesn't sound bad - but it meant I was unable to get a DVD out of the player. I had to physically unscrew the whole thing (look at how many screws there are!) to get the DVD out of player and even now it sometimes sticks. This has forced me to keep the cover off - I suspect this while drastically diminish the life span of the player due to dust and may even cause some of my DVD's damage.

Thirdly this player was advertised as a multi region DVD player. I work in a video store where we import a lot of over seas titles (like leon the professional la haine and much more!) and being able to play region 4 (Australian region) only was a real hassle. I ended up having to unlock the DVD player manually and contacted Conia and they claimed that this was a miss print on the box and were very apologetic - yet offered no reimbursement or refund.

If you don't want to spend much on a DVD player - then the Conia M250 will suit you just fine. If you want to spend an extra $20-$50 though then you'll really see the advantages and I'd strongly recommend doing so if you plan on keeping the player for awhile. I am personally just waiting for the price of DVD recorders to come down so thus went for a cheapie!