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Dvd Release: The Matrix

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This review covers the DVD release of the first video in the Matrix trilogy, the Matrix. It will analyze the special features and extras included on the first generation release, and give an over-all worth value.

Quick facts:

US Rated: R

Canadian Rated: 14A

Time: 136 minutes

Sound: Dolby Digital

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 and 4:3

DVD: Dual-layer format

Enhanced features: will only work on a PC running Windows


The case is unusual, made of card-board and definitely of the inexpensive persuasion. It opens into three flaps. The outer flaps show the cover and a chapter listing. The inner flaps show the special features when used in a standard DVD-player, and the enhancements specifically for PC DVD players.

The lock on the case is a full-length strip of plastic approx. 1 centimeter on each side. It does an effective job of holding the DVD case shut even after the case has sustained a fair amount of abuse.

The cardboard of the case is lightly laminated, and will quickly ruin of gotten wet. It will scratch easily, and it is will become worn at the center crease as it is opened over time.

The text on the case is large and easy to read, and the enhanced features on given clearly on the inside of the case. The text is of a lower pastel color, however, and may be difficult to decipher by someone who has questionable eyesight or who is colorblind.

DVD – Features (standard DVD)

Behind the scenes documentary compiled by HBO. Gives back-story and screen looks at the making of the matrix.

Feature Length audio commentary. Covers the entire length of the film, and comments on every scene. The commentary is given by Carrie-Anne Moss, editor Zach Staenberg, and Spec-Effects Super. John Gaeta.

Music only audio tracks with commentary. Commentary is delivered by one person, Don Davis.

A mini-series consisting of nine (9) special effects documentaries.

A final documentary called “Take the red pill” which is for Hidden Special Effects Documentaries.

DVD-ROM Features

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95 or higher

DVD Drive

166 Mhz Pentium processor

32 MB Ram

5-20 MB available hard disc space

IE 4.0 or higher (download included on disc)

As you can see, this DVD will obviously not work on a Macintosh, Linux, or other Unix based OS's.

The extra DVD-ROM features come in a variety requiring both Internet or no Internet connection. The majority do not require an Internet connection, and the one's that do explicitly express so.

These features include:

The One

Special Web Events

Screenplay and Storyboards

7 Special Essays and Articles

Do You Know Kung-Fu?

Original Theatrical Website

Theatrical Trailer Sampler

Each feature is unique and interesting. Most do not require an Internet connection.

Overall this DVD comes with all the features expected, plus a couple bonuses that make it more enjoyable. This DVD will satisfy the wants of any Matrix fan, offering a mix of information, fun, and interactivity.