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Dvd Review Of Big Nothing

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Big Nothing stars David Schwimmer as Charlie, a down on his luck PhD. with no job prospects and a dream for his daughter to have better things in her life than second hand offerings. Charlie lands a job at a technology company (Cintech) answering phones. The reason that the audience is to believe that a PhD. can only get a minimum wage paying job is absolutely absurd. While at Cintech Charlie meets Gus (Simon Pegg) who on Charlie's first day not only gets him inadvertently fired but convinces him to blackmail a reverend who likes to surf pornography sites. Charlie, Gus with the help of Gus questionably aged girlfriend set in motion an absurd plan to make some real money.

This movie is good for a few laughs. The hilarious Simon Pegg hits every joke that he is given out of the park. David Shwimmer does his best at trying to not turn into Ross from Friends but it is difficult to see him as anything else. The acting is decent until Mimi Rogers shows up. It is at that point that the movie becomes absolutely implausible. This film is one accident after another, a comedy of errors if you will. Unfortuantly it isn't that funny. Its a British film that takes place in America with an almost entire American cast. The actors that aren't American such as Pegg speak with an American accent anyway.

This DVD is almost void of extras. What is included are cast interviews (although the cast are answering questions you don't actually hear the questions which is quite odd) and one trailer. I wouldn't buy this DVD nor would I pay to rent it. If you get a free coupon at Netflix or Blockbuster then it may be worth checking out.