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Dvd Review: The Nugget

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By janna on
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The Nugget and Australian film staring Eric Bana is the story of three lovable losers, Loto (Bana), Wookie, and Sue who are always on the look out for a get rich quick scheme. While at work one day the three men find a large gold nugget and think themselves to be instant millionaires. OF course the trio and their loved ones fight over who deserves the bigger share of the find, while two near-do-wells scheme to steal the humongous rock.

This comedy, and I use the word loosely, is apparently based on a John Steinbeck allegorical story. The Nugget is touted as being a great Australian comedy but in reality I this DVD is almost unwatchable. There are no laugh out loud moments and the acting is questionable.

I found absolutley no extras on this DVD save some previews of other films. The only positive with I found with this DVD is that I rented it from NetFlix rather than paying $19.99 to purchase this film.