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Dvr Made Easy

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Since Verizon is currently offering a 3 month trial of their DVR services, we decided to take advantage of it and sign up for an HD-DVR set top box. It took just moments to set up and figuring out how to use it was very easy because the interface is made so that you can navigate around quickly and provides numerous options so you can find exactly what you'd like to do. One thing I noticed was that even though we had a HD box previously, with this HD-DVR box, the image quality really seemed to have improved. Its made by Motorola.

The standard issue Verizon remote control handles all functions of the DVR - rewind, pause, fast forward (up to 4x), & play. You can also pause and rewind live TV shows which is very convenient in case you missed something or wanted to hear something again. Getting to your recorded programs is easy, simply click the DVR button in the middle of the control and scroll through to select whatever it is you wish to see.

Recording programs is extremely easy and requires 2 or 3 clicks on the remote. You select the show you want, hit the info button and select 'record this episode' or 'record this series.' It has a built in feature to ensure it won't tape episodes it already has in the system.

You can record 2 shows simultaneously and can watch the recorded content from a non-DVR box in another room. HD programs consume more space in the DVR memory than standard programs but we've already saved about 10 hours of programming and only used about 30% of the space allotted. You can simply delete programs as well to open up space. Tape late night shows if you want to sleep or early shows if you're at work or school. My mom uses it to tape Dr. Oz and Oprah episodes. If two or more shows I like are showing, I'll have the DVR record one while I watch the other - so no more bouncing back and forth between breaks. Haha, so now on Tuesdays I won't miss The Biggest Loser or Hell's Kitchen!

Its a great way to see your favorite programs at your leisure and the ability to zip through commercials also allows you to save a lot of time and enjoy your show with less interruptions. If you have Verizon services or plan to switch to them, be sure to ask about their DVR box. We're actually just planning to keep it for the 3 month trial but we may actually change our minds because after just 2 weeks now its almost like we can't live without it! The monthly charge for DVR services to record in 1 room and watch in others is $20.

I guess the one negative is that if you're not a Verizon customer and plan to switch to them, you'll be sucked into a contract and trapped for years - we have had numerous issues with bizarre charges on our bill and occasional problems with service, but for now we're stuck with them. At least the DVR is good!