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Dymo Organizer X Press Label Maker, Dont

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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Sometimes people give the worst gifts with the best intentions. I collect trading cards and have been looking for a label maker for marking various sets and holders. My mother decided that she was going to give me one for my birthday and the one she selected was the Dymo Organizer XPress. It was a wonderful gesture, but a horrible gift.

Perhaps the one and only really good thing about this particular label maker is the size. I can easily hold it in one hand while adjusting it with the other. And there are plenty of adjustments to be made. It is light weight plastic and I can store it almost any place. It would be easy to take with me to card shows where I am often in need of making labels. But that is where the good stops and the frustration begins.

First, in order to use it I had to insert one of the various colored tapes that come along with it. I had to pop open the handle, insert the little roll of tape, thread it into the appropriate slot, then close the handle and click the trigger/handle until the tape became visible. Not terribly difficult unless the tape comes off of the little plastic circle it comes on, and it does come off easily. Then, to actually make a label I had to rotate the dial on top to the letter or number I wanted and then click the handle once, hoping I did so hard enough to make a visible impression. I say hope because I couldn’t actually see the mark until three or four clicks later when it emerged from the top of the maker. Next I had to rotate the top again to the next letter I wanted and click once more. You can see how this would get old really quickly. And if I made a mistake there was no going back. I had to wastefully click out enough tape, clip it off and start over.

I also had some other issues with this piece, the colors of the tape being one of them. The maker doesn’t print on the tape; rather it impresses the letter so that if you clicked hard enough the letter should appear in white on the tape. The orange, red and especially yellow tapes do not provide a good background to make the white impression very legible. Another problem is the tape getting jammed in the top of the maker. It does often and the top of the dispenser being 3/8’’ makes it difficult to reach into and clear the jam. Lastly, if there needed to be more, the tape backing is hard to remove. I had to pick at an end to try and get it started and when I was finally able to get it apart I had to hold the tape because it has a tendency to curl and stick to itself.

If I needed a conclusion to this review obviously you didn’t actually read it. The only thing XPress about this label maker was me tossing it into a drawer never to be used again. I obviously would not recommend this label maker and it leaves me to seriously question any other products Dymo may make.