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Dy's Liquid Bandage

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By mjevans on
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If you own or work with horses you know that cuts and scrapes are a fact of life. Horses always seem to find something to hurt themselves on, no matter how safe you try to make things for them. One of the best products on the market to heal those scrapes, cuts, and scratches is Dy's Liquid Bandage made by Advanced Biological Concepts. Dy's Liquid Bandage is made with natural ingredients in a base of beeswax and olive oil. Ingredients are: Olive oil, beeswax, pascalite clay, golden seal, bee pollen, yarroway, chlorophyll, Oregon grape, cramp bark, shavegrass, myrhh, aloe vera oil, cod liver oil, tea tree oil, propolis, and honey.

This ointment is absolutely wonderful to keep in your tack box, first aid kit, and in your saddle bag while out on the trail. It comes in three different sizes including a small jar that would fit easily into just about any saddle bag.

I've found the Dy's Liquid Bandage is even good for healing some of those harder to heal wounds, including those you may not be able to bandage.

My mom's mare was forever trying to steal food from the horse in the neighboring stall. She was just positive he had to have something better to eat than she did. While the horse often nipped at her, he never connected, until one day he did and caught her ear.

He tore a small chunk out of the tip of her ear, not even as big around as a pen cap, but it was extremely obvious. We began applying the Dy's Liquid Bandage to her ear to heal the wound. We believed she'd have that small piece missing from her ear for the rest of her life. The best we hoped for was that it would heal cleanly.

We were astounded when after several applications we noticed that there was new tissue growth, and the hole was filling back in. Her ear completely healed and filled back in with no scaring or any other evidence there had ever been a wound. In addition, the hair grew back with no problems.

Unfortunately for me I am allergic to tea tree oil, so the ointment is not always practical for me to use. However, despite my allergy to the tea tree oil, after how the Dy's Liquid Bandage healed the wound to my mom's mare's ear, I will definitely be using it for any severe wounds.